Ridom SpaServer - Submit a new spa-type

Please note, that we only accept NEW repeats and types in this submission form!
Submissions of NGS data (e.g., Illumina) are not accepted.

Note: Ridom StaphType users can easily submit their new spa-repeats and -types via the StaphType software synchronization process. This form is intended only for SpaServer users not using the software.

If your uploaded sequence data contain indeed a new spa-type and is of sufficient quality then the assignment will be finished within 1-2 weeks after submission. Please use after two weeks the Search for Isolate ID functionality to check the assigned spa-type of your submitted isolate.

The sequences must contain the following 5' and 3' signatures on the correct positions to allow a reliable spa-typing:
Signature Sequence Distance to Repeats Regions
5' Signature RCA MCA AAA 0 1156-1164; -9 to -1
3' Signature TAY ATG TCG T 19 or 18 1472-1481; +19 to +28 or +20 to +29
The signatures are numbered according to the forward strand of S. aureus (GenBank accession no. J01786).


DNA Sequencing of the spa Gene

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I consent that Ridom GmbH and selected members can process my data to assign a new spa-type and/or spa-repeat. My details can be used exclusively to assign a new spa-type and/or spa-repeat and may not be used for any other purpose. Contact data entered via the submit a new spa-type form will be stored for maximum two weeks after fulfillment of your request. I can revoke this consent anytime by sending an email to or mailing a letter to the address stated in the imprint and privacy policy of this web site.*
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