Ridom SpaServer - Submit a new spa-type

Please note, that we only accept NEW repeats and types in this submission form!
Submissions of NGS data (e.g., Illumina) are not accepted.

Note: Ridom SeqSphere users can easily submit their new spa-repeats and -types via the software. This form is intended only for SpaServer users not using the software.

If your uploaded sequence data contain indeed a new spa-type and is of sufficient quality then the assignment will be finished within 1-2 weeks after submission.
Please not your Submission ID that will be shown after submission, or bookmark and revisit the submission status page, to check the current status of your submission.
Use the Find Submssion page to search for the submission ID.

The sequences must contain the following 5' and 3' signatures on the correct positions to allow a reliable spa-typing:
Signature Sequence Distance to Repeats Regions
5' Signature RCA MCA AAA 0 1156-1164; -9 to -1
3' Signature TAY ATG TCG T 19 or 18 1472-1481; +19 to +28 or +20 to +29
The signatures are numbered according to the forward strand of S. aureus (GenBank accession no. J01786).


DNA Sequencing of the spa Gene

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I consent that Ridom GmbH and selected members can process my data to assign a new spa-type and/or spa-repeat. My details can be used exclusively to assign a new spa-type and/or spa-repeat and may not be used for any other purpose. Contact data entered via the submit a new spa-type form will be stored for maximum two weeks after fulfillment of your request. I can revoke this consent anytime by sending an email to or mailing a letter to the address stated in the imprint and privacy policy of this web site.*
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